đŸ”ĨSales Tax

Flexible 12% - 24% SALES TAX directly to your passive income!

A sophisticated and advanced sales tax system is in place to foster a stable project environment and deter detrimental actors.

To promote a positive and enduring community growth system, each sale and wallet transfer will be taxed based on the duration of the holding.

How it works:

The intelligent contract utilizes the blockchain to record the date and time of every purchase. Example: User1: Bought on 01.08.2023 thru Pancakeswap the sales tax will decrease daily by 0.2% until it reaches a minimum amount of 12%. If the wallet make another purchase on 12.08.2023, the sales tax will be the average amount of both purchase dates. Anti Cheat System: The smart contract incorporates a mechanism to prevent cheating: If User1 tries to move funds to a secondary wallet, they will be charged a transfer sales tax.

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