đŸĒ–The Army

Our unique marketing strategy, the "Cryptopoly Army". This is a fun and rewarding way to spread the word about Cryptopoly.

What is the Army?

The Army is a group of people who is invested and love our project. These folks have or create social media accounts and use them to share information and news about our project. It's like having a team of friendly robots spreading the word about us, but it's real people doing it.

Ready-made, high-quality content

We understand the need for engaging content. That's why we have a dedicated team creating top-notch video memes about our project. These fun, catchy videos can be shared by our members, making their posts more appealing and engaging.

How does it work?

Each Shilling Army member gets busy promoting us on their social media pages. They can share updates, invite their friends to join, or talk about why they love our project. This helps us reach more people because each member has a different group of friends and followers who might not know about us yet.

What's the reward?

We appreciate the hard work of our Shilling Army, and we make sure to thank them. For their promotional efforts, we reward them with tokens from our marketing pool. So, it's not just about growing their social media presence - they also get tokens as a token of our gratitude!

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