🎲Dice Throw NFTs

Purchase tokens on a DEX, and get your wallet whitelisted for complimentary dice rolls, giving you a chance to win stakable NFTs. These NFTs provide passive income from the Tax Pool!

How it works:

Every time you make a purchase of $69 or more, your wallet will be eligible and whitelisted for a cryptopoly dice roll. If you purchase tokens valued at $700, you'll get to roll the dice eleven times. Each roll provides you with the opportunity to mint a random stakable NFT from one of the 7 NFT sets. The goal is to accumulate all seven sets of NFTs to increase the passive income you can earn from the Project Tax Pool. To ensure fairness, the number of dice rolls will be rounded up for purchases of $300 or more. Calculation less then $300: Buy for $74 = 1 dice throw and free mints. Buy for $206 = 2 dice throw and free mints. Buy for $207 = 3 dice throw and free mints. $69 x 3 = $207 $69 x 4 = $276 Calculation over $300: Buy for $301 = 5 dice throws Buy for $389 = 6 dice throws $69 x 5 = $345 $69 x 6 = $414 ect...

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